Rekey Locks

The process of rekeying locks is quite demanding and hence, the job is best left to professional locksmiths. Assuming you want to rekey locks in Kanata, Ontario, we ask you to contact our team. We understand that such needs emerge for different reasons. You either want a master key system or worry about your keys being found in the wrong hands and are in a hurry to have one or more locks rekeyed. Whether you need emergency service or not, Kanata Locksmith is the company to trust for speed, excellence, budget-friendly rates, and experience.

Locksmiths rekey locks in Kanata – want a master key system?

Rekey Locks Kanata

As is often the case, locksmiths in Kanata rekey locks to create a keyed alike lock system. That’s if you prefer to have one key for the back and front door of your house, for example. You can actually have a key for a large number of locks. In this case, the locksmiths rekey these locks to make them work with the same key.

Master key lock systems are useful in residences, offices, firms, commercial facilities, apartment buildings, and all sorts of properties in need of key management. If you are interested in something like that, simply contact our Kanata locksmith team.

Also, available for emergency lock rekey service in Kanata

Then again, you may need emergency lock rekey service. When would it be urgent to have a lock rekeyed? When the key to the lock can be used and consequently, an intrusion may happen. Naturally, a key is found in the wrong hands when it’s handed out to many people, when employees and ex-tenants don’t return them, and when is stolen.

Of course, it’s wise to rekey locks of new properties since keys often go through the hands of contractors, realtors, and other people.  

Key change – the process of lock rekeying

It makes sense to say that the core of rekeying locks is key change. Since it’s the original key that may cause headaches, it must change. If a key changes, it won’t fit in the lock – that’s the whole idea. And so, the job of the locksmiths – apart from making new keys – is to change the springs and the pins of the lock and configure them to match the new key.

The pros sent to rekey locks bring key replacement blanks, an array of tools, and all else they need to do the job. And if this is an emergency, the response is even faster than fast. Be sure. Why wait? If you need to rekey locks, Kanata locksmiths are ready to take action. Call us.