Lock Change

Lock Change Kanata

Are you in a hurry to book lock change in Kanata, Ontario? Or, do you want to change locks just to upgrade? Whatever your case, be sure of our company’s availability. Be certain that local locksmiths are swiftly sent to replace locks and also keys – to offer any service that is needed to ensure security and often to restore security. In other words, you can trust us whether you need lock or key change.

All services are meant to serve a purpose and Kanata Locksmith is the company you can count on for all services. Let us tell you more about these services.

Key and lock change in Kanata

Since we are available for key and lock change services in Kanata, we serve all needs – urgent or not. Of course, there’s a difference between changing locks and changing keys. Let us explain.

  •          We send locksmiths to change locks when the existing locks are damaged, old, filthy, broken, or tampered with. In other words, you can turn to us when you want to take action to increase property security but also when there’s a break-in or severe damage – one that would demand lock replacement.
  •          We also send locksmiths to change keys. That’s needed when lock rekey is needed. Rekeying locks becomes imperative when the keys to the specific locks are stolen or suddenly go missing and there’s fear of a break-in. It’s also the way to have one key for a large number of locks. If the lock can be rekeyed and is in good condition, it’s a great way to make your life easy and safe, at the same time, without spending money on a new lock. But since the lock is rekeyed for the purpose of making the original useless, the locksmiths make new keys. Hence, keys change.

All locks can be replaced, all locks are properly installed

In our company, we are available for all lock services in Kanata. From lock repair to rekeying, we cover all needs. But we also know that sometimes, it’s best to have locks replaced. That’s when the existing locks cannot serve as they should for any reason – damage or else. In these situations, locksmiths are assigned to change locks as soon as possible. After all, if a lock must be replaced, there’s a serious reason for that and nobody wants delays, especially when it comes to high-security locks. Right?

When you turn to our team, expect a speedy response. Also, expect excellent lock installation. It’s not only about removing locks but also about installing locks. Experienced with all locks – from deadbolt to cabinet locks – the pros assigned to such jobs complete their work to a T. Whether for mailbox lock replacement or deadbolt installation, the service is carried out to a T. So, which one of your locks do you want to replace? Talk to us about it. Ask for a quote. Book the Kanata lock change today.